Village of Adams, New York
T H E  A R B O R  D A Y  V I L L A G E
Local OfficialsMayor
Tom Ross
(315) 232-2351 ext. 5
Keith Perry -
Todd Race -
Kreg Davis -
Lory Cobb -
Mark Pacella -
Deputy Mayor, Police; Safety Liaison
Zoning/Planning Liaison
Beautification & Revitalization
Youth Recreation/Building Liaison
DPW & Tree Committee Liaison
Tricia Beutel
(315) 232-2632 ext. 4
(315) 232-2845 (fax)
Office: M-T 8:30-4:00pm. F 8:30-1 p.m.
Department of Public Works Superintendent
Anthony Frederick
(315) 232-4520
(315) 232-3455 (fax)
Deputy Clerk/Treasurer
Desiree Lamoreaux
Water/Waste Water Treatment Plant Operator
Ronald McNitt
(315) 232-4523
Police Department
Ronald Gatch
(315) 232-2912 ext. 3 non-emergency calls
Town Justice
Hon. Crystal Smith/ Hon. Robert Newark
(315) 232-2467
Jim Burrows
Kendall Walton & Burrows
(315) 753-8080
Court Clerk hours are Monday-Thurs 9am-2pm, you can also call for an appointment to make a payment, or appear at court Wednesday @ 7pm
Zoning Enforcement Officer
David Ross
(315) 232-2749
Debbie Quick
(315) 232-2467
Fire Chief
Robert Simpson Jr.
(315) 232-4033
Non-emergency calls
(315) 232-4756 (fax)
Dog Control Officer
Daniel Patterson
(315) 767-6278
Planning Board
Nick Kogut
Lyle Jantzi
Floyd LaVancha
Julie Elmer
Dan Estal
Meet only when applications are submitted
Zoning Board of Appeals
William Mabe, Chairman
Julie Elmer
Dan Estal 
Meet only when applications are submitted