The Village and Town of Adams is requesting water customers to leave a faucet dripping to prevent service lines from freezing until further notice. Bills will be adjusted accordingly for the next billing cycle.



The Village clerk's office now offers the convenience of accepting credit cards for municipal payments. A third-party convenience fee will apply to cardholders who wish to pay via credit card. Such fee will be disclosed to cardholder at time of transaction with the option to decline the fee and make payments via cash or check. This fee will be 2.45% ($1.50 minimum). A flat fee of $3.95 applies to all tax payments made using a Visa Consumer Check Card. Effective January 2, 2013 VISA will be accepted for all over the counter transactions including water/sewer payments and will also include a minimum service fee collected of $3.00. All convenience fees will now be referred to as Service Fees for all cards used.


Here is the opportunity to make payments online via this website for your water/sewer payments and tax payments. All service fees apply as described above for all online payments! We accept Discover, MasterCard, and Visa for these payments. Click on the Pay Your Bills Online Here below.



The Village of Adams requires all person/persons performing volunteer service for the Village of Adams to complete and file a General Release Volunteer Agreementwith the Village Clerk's Office. This agreement has no expiration date and therefore is only required to be filed once. Click here for the form.


Parking on Village Streets 2am - 6am

Residents of the Village of Adams are reminded that there is no parking on all village streets between the hours of 2am - 6am. Tickets will be issued to violators. This will be strictly enforced when snowplowing is necessary on all streets.


2013 Annual Water Quality Report may be viewed by clicking here!


2014 Lawn/garden debris and Tree/brush trimming pickup policy & schedule



If you have a fire hydrant nearby or on your property please help by keeping it clear of snow and ice during the winter season.


The Village would like to remind residents of the leash law for dogs. No dogs are allowed to run at large within village limits. See local law #28 under ordinances on this website for full details. Also it is against the law to allow your dog to urinate, defecate or to commit any other nuisance in any park, in any public building, in any store, parking lot, or upon any public sidewalk, or on private property. Please pick up after your dog while walking within the Village limits or tickets may be issued from complaints.

The Village of Adams now has 10 Pet Waste stations. They are located at Arbor Park on the main corner, downtown next to the Memorial Park/Bridge, in front of Family Dollar, next to South Jefferson Veterinary Hospital parking lot, in front of 42 N. Park St., in front of the Post Office, on the corner of Hungerford Ave. and Roberts St. ( in front of Mr. Sheley's property), in front of Family Dollar, in front of Country View apartments and at the entrance to Elmwood Cemetery. We urge all dog walkers to use the bags, provided at each station, when walking you dogs and dispose of the waste properly. Please contact Nancy Murphy at 232-2120 if you find a station is without bags. A very big thank you to the Adams Revitalization Committee, the Village of Adams and Diane Ferry, DVM.

Birmingham Beckstead click on each article to view pictures of the new waste stations.



The Village of Adams is located in Northern New York about 50 miles north of Syracuse and 50 miles south of the Canadian border along the I-81 corridor.  The Village was incorporated on December 23, 1857, 150 years ago.  The village is the birthplace of J. Sterling Morton who was the founder of Arbor Day.  We therefore call ourselves the Arbor Day Village.

The Village owns and operates our own water and wastewater treatment plants.  Water is delivered to customers inside and outside the village and we also contract with the Adams Center Water District owned by the Town of Adams for their customer’s consumption of water. 

We provide services through part-time police protection and a satellite office for the New York State Troopers is provided by the Village in our old municipal building.

The Village fire department has a roster of 60 volunteer members who actively provide protection to our residents and to the surrounding areas with mutual aid.

There are several different zoning districts which include residential, general commercial, industrial and a wellhead protection overlay.

The downtown area has been designated as a historic district by the State and National Registry.  Please check out the history link on this website for additional history information about Adams and surrounding areas.

Adams Revitalization Committee


The Adams Revitalization Committee is made of residents who live in both the Village and Town of Adams.  We meet every first Monday of the month at 6:30pm at the Jt. Municipal Building. The next meeting will be held March 2, 2015. New members are always welcomed. Please join us.


Mission statement for the Adams Revitalization Committee


   To involve area residents and business people for the purpose of:


     1.  Improving downtown and surrounding areas and to make Adams and Adams Center more

          attractive and appealing for business, etc.


     2.  Supporting and encouraging business and the local economy


     3.  Providing good quality of life

Adams Community Neighborhood Watch

The Adams community neighborhood watch has recently been established within neighborhoods of the Village and hold monthly meetings will be announced each month. Please visit our website at: www.adamscommunityneighborhoodwatch.com.

Adams Main Street Project

(Shown above) Drawings of conceptual facade studies completed
as part of a Quality Communities design study


Village of Adams • 3 South Main Street • Adams, NY 13605 • 315-232-2632 • adamsvil@frontiernet.net